Immortality: Discover Your Immortal Self. Get Deep and Lasting Inner Peace.

Immortality: If we create the world by how we act, en mass and individually, what should we make? How about a better world, eliminating stress and pain? If we’re in charge of how creation performs, why not give instructions for a better world? Why not live forever in a place of peace and love? Immortality: How…

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Video for Calm and Peace

Video: 10 Steps to Peace and Calm

For instant calm and peace, watch the video below. Do a 10 step countdown to peace and calm. Step by step, discover the perfect peace within you, the gold of your soul. Learn how to access and use your deep inner strength. Be who you are. Own the peace that is your true human nature.…

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Qi Gong Heals

The Power of Qi Gong

Discover the Power of Qi Gong — gain strength, be calm and heal! Learn how Qi Gong works, and how to use it to get what you want! Qi Gong is about 3 to 4,000 years old, perhaps more? It was used as a method of healing, defense and fighting in ancient China. Most martial arts can be traced back…

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Center Yourself

For Calm, Get Centered Today!

Discover how to get centered and calm! When we find our core, the center of who we are, we find calm and peace. Our center is strong and impervious to harm. Our center is bright and good. Center yourself now: learn to find the peace and strength of your soul. We all have perfection and love.…

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Bliss Is In Our Soul

Our Soul of Happiness

Discover the bliss of your soul. Learn how to live with ease and peace. Get what you want in life. This article will help you understand the joy of who you are. You’ll learn to first look within to get what you need. You’ll find the peace and calm that’s always present in the world.…

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Get Happy with Cat Videos

Why Internet Cat Videos Are Good for You

Internet cat videos can make us feel good, improve our mood and give us energy. New research shows one of the most popular uses of the Internet is watching cat videos. Two million cat videos were posted to YouTube in 2014. People felt more energetic and positive after watching videos of cats. There were also fewer negative emotions such…

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How to Love

The Speed of Love

For more love in your life, see this powerful photo-essay and video at the bottom. Love has a pace and rhythm. We can match this pace to increase our love. Often, life is lived in a hurried rush. It’s hard to think and difficult to feel good. Slow down. Discover peace and joy. Learn to relax and feel the love…

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Learn to Love.

Love Makes Us Strong!

Love makes us strong in every way. We know who we are with love. Discover how to have the love you want! Learn to awaken the deep and powerful love in you! Love is the core of our human nature. Love helps us think. Love rules the world and creates everything good. Discover how to love…

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3 Steps to Calm

Discover 3  Steps to quickly be calm. Learn to relax, be at peace and strong. Our body has a natural relaxation response you can learn to control. Relax and get to sleep at night. Be at peace and have a wonderful life! Have instant calm and bliss. At peace and calm, we can find our way and know…

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Qi Gong Power

The Power of Willpower

This article’s about willpower and how to use it to get what you want. The gentle application of  will, on a daily basis, can make things happen and take us where we want to go. Our life’s a voyage where we steer creation into making what we’re thinking, speaking and doing. Become aware of your will. Use…

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